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taste [ imenica ]
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Sense that detects some of the chemical constituents of food. The human tongue can distinguish only four basic tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, and salty) but it is supplemented by the sense of smell. What we refer to as taste is really a composite sense made up of both taste and smell.
In art, the ability to judge the quality of a work of art. A person who consistently enjoys the tawdry and the second-rate is said to have “bad taste” whereas those who admire only the best display “good taste”. Since taste is nowadays regarded as essentially subjective, the term is useful only as a means of instigating critical debate.
The faculty of taste; SYN. gustation, sense of taste, gustatory modality.
The sensation that results when taste buds in the tongue and throat convey information about the chemical composition of a soluble stimulus
Distinguishing a taste by means of the taste buds; SYN. tasting.
Delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values); SYN. appreciation, discernment, perceptiveness.
A small amount eaten or drunk; SYN. mouthful.
A brief experience of something

aroma [ ženski rod ]

Miris, prijatan miris što ga puštaju od sebe eterična ulja; sočna materija kod biljaka; vinski cvet.

malenkost [ ženski rod ]

Sitnica, tričarija.

mrvica [ ženski rod ]

Trunka, zrnce.

sklonost [ ženski rod ]

Smisao, dar za nešto.

ukus [ muški rod ]

Osećaj i smisao za lepo.

taste [ glagol ]
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To distinguish flavors
To have flavor; taste of something; SYN. savor, savour.
To perceive by the sense of taste

okusiti [ glagol ]

probati [ glagol ]

Probirati, izvršiti probu.
Kušati, ispitivati svojstva;
Vežbati uloge sa umetnicima (lat.)

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