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1. Capital of the state of Illinois; Also called: capital of Illinois.
2. City in Florida (USA).
3. City in Georgia (USA).
4. City in Illinois (USA); zip code 62701.
5. City in Kentucky (USA).
6. City in Massachusetts (USA).
7. City in Michigan (USA); zip code 48350.
8. City in Minnesota (USA); zip code 56087.
9. City in Missouri (USA).
10. City in Nebraska (USA); zip code 68059.
11. City in Ohio (USA).
12. City in Oregon (USA).
13. City in South Dakota (USA); zip code 57062.
14. City in Tennessee (USA); zip code 37172.
15. Town in Colorado (USA); zip code 81073.
16. Town in Louisiana (USA); zip code 70462.
17. Town in South Carolina (USA); zip code 29146.
18. Unincorporated community in New Jersey (USA).
19. Unincorporated community in Pennsylvania (USA).
20. Unincorporated community in Vermont (USA).
21. Unincorporated community in Virginia (USA).
(Oregon) City in W Oregon, US, on the Willamette River, E of Eugene; Industries include lumber, animal feeds, and agricultural products.(Missouri) City and agricultural center in Missouri, US; Industries include electronic equipment and processed food.
The city is also a tourist center for the Ozark Mountains and the home of Southwest Missouri State University. Springfield was settled 1829.(Massachusetts) City in Massachusetts, US; It was the site (1794–1968) of the US arsenal and armory, known for the Springfield rifle.
Basketball originated here 1891, and points of interest include the National Basketball Hall of Fame. The community dates from 1636.(Illinois) Capital and agricultural and mining center of Illinois, US; President Abraham Lincoln was born and is buried here.
Lincoln lived and practiced law in Springfield from 1837 until he became president 1861. His home and tomb are historic sites. Sangamon State University is here. Springfield was settled 1818 and became the state capital 1837.

1. američka puška

ženski rod

2. Springfild

muški rodgeografija

Grad u SAD-u, glavni grad Ilinoisa.

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