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piracy [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Late Lat. piratia, Greek. Related to Pirate.
Robbery on the high seas; taking a ship away from the control of those who are legally entitled to it; SYN. buccaneering.
The taking of a ship, aircraft, or any of its contents, from lawful ownership, punishable under international law by the court of any country where the pirate may be found or taken. When the craft is taken over to alter its destination, or its passengers held to ransom, the term is hijacking. Piracy is also used to describe infringement of copyright.
Algiers (see corsairs), the West Indies (see buccaneers), the coast of Trucial Oman (the Pirate Coast), Chinese and Malay waters, and such hideouts as Lundy Island, SW England, were pirate haunts for many years. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the Barbary states of N Africa (Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli) were called the Pirate States.
Modern communications and the complexities of supplying and servicing modern vessels tend to eliminate piracy, or confine it to the immediate vicinity of a harbor. However, incidents are increasing in the waters of Hong Kong, W Africa, and Brazil, and particularly in the SE Asian region, where piracy cost $2million in 199In Indonesian territorial waters alone, 2pirate attacks were reported in 199A pirate-monitoring and warning center was opened in 19by the International Maritime Bureau; however piracy on the high seas almost doubled 1993–94—the number of attempted boardings declined, but the number of successful boardings (ships), hijackings, and attacks in anchorages rose. Most targets were dry-cargo vessels.
The US sent a fleet to fight the Barbary pirates 1800–1its first overseas naval and marine war, which was successfully concluded when Capt S Decatur forced the bey of Algiers to cease the practice of holding US sailors hostage until tribute was paid.

piratstvo [ imenica ]

Drsko razbojništvo s pljačkom na moru, gusarstvo; pljačka sa razbojništvom uopšte (grč.)

gusarstvo [ imenica ]

Gusarenje, piraterija, nasilje na otvorenom moru, napadi na brodove radi pljačke, koje se vrši organizovano uz pomoć neke organizacije, a ponekad i neke države.

piraterija [ ženski rod ]

Razbojništvo na moru, gusarstvo; pljačka, iznuđivanje; književna krađa.
Pojava kad reka napravi duboku klisuru i privuče sa drugog područja neki vodeni tok.

povreda prava [ ženski rod ]

gusarenje [ imenica ]

Gusarstvo, piratstvo.

piracy [ imenica {računari} ]
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The theft of a computer design or program.
Unauthorized distribution and use of a computer program.

piraterija [ ženski rod {računari} ]

Piratstvo, kopiranje softvera bez dozvole autora ili izdavača, i ako ste zaista nevaljali, njegovo distribuiranje. Procenjuje se da se na svaku kopiju softvera koja se nabavi legalno, postoje barem dve piratske kopije. Većina pirata ovo opravdava time da softverske kompanije zarađuju previše novca od svojih proizvoda, te da piratske kopije ne uzimaju zaradu izdavačima, jer pirati ionako ne bi kupovali proizvod. Napori koji se ulažu da se ova kuga iskoreni obuhvataju zaštitu kopija, registraciju legalnih vlasnika.

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