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pulley [ imenica {mehanika} ]
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ETYM French poulie, perhaps of Teutonic origin.
A simple machine consisting of a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change the direction or point of application of a force applied to the rope; SYN. pulley-block, block.
Simple machine consisting of a fixed, grooved wheel, sometimes in a block, around which a rope or chain can be run. A simple pulley serves only to change the direction of the applied effort (as in a simple hoist for raising loads). The use of more than one pulley results in a mechanical advantage, so that a given effort can raise a heavier load.
The mechanical advantage depends on the arrangement of the pulleys. For instance, a block and tackle arrangement with three ropes supporting the load will lift it with one-third of the effort needed to lift it directly (if friction is ignored), giving a mechanical advantage of 3.

dizalica [ ženski rod ]

Uređaj za podizanje, kran.

kolut [ muški rod ]

Obruč, kotur.

kotur [ muški rod ]

Prosta mašina, točak i osovina.
Obruč, kolut.

točak [ muški rod ]

čekrk [ muški rod ]

Točak, kolo, vitao (za dizanje uvis izvlačenjem).

kaiš [ muški rod ]

Remen, opasač.

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