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New York [ imenica {geologija} ]
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The largest city in New York State; located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river; a major financial and cultural center.
One of the British colonies that formed the United States.
(state) State in ne us; nicknamed Empire State/Excelsior State.
Area 127,2sq km/49,0sq mi.
Capital Albany.
Towns and cities New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse.
Population (19917,990,500.
Physical mountains: Adirondacks, Catskills; lakes: Champlain, Placid, Erie, Ontario; rivers: Mohawk, Hudson, St Lawrence (with Thousand Islands); Niagara Falls; Long Island; New York Bay.
Features New York City; Erie Canal; Lake Placid, site of 19Winter Olympics; Long Island, including the Hamptons; Fire Island national seashore; Hudson Valley; Finger Lakes; Fort Ticonderoga; Statue of Liberty national monument; Franklin Delano Roosevelt national historic site and Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park; home of Theodore Roosevelt, Oyster Bay; Washington Irving’s home at Philipsburg Manor; colleges: Columbia University (1745), Cornell University, Vassar College, New York University, Colgate, cuny, suny, Renssalaer Polytech, Pratt, Juilliard, and the Eastman School of Music; West Point Military Academy (1801); the world’s largest museum of photography, in George Eastman House, home of the founder of Eastman Kodak Company, in Rochester; Corning Museum of Glass; the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown; Fenimore House (commemorating J F Cooper), Cooperstown; Saratoga Springs, with medicinal springs, National Museum of Dance, and Performing Arts Center (summer home of the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York City Ballet); Woodstock (scene of 19concert); horse racing at Belmont, Aqueduct, Saratoga Springs; United Nations headquarters.
Products dairy products, apples, clothing, periodical and book printing and publishing, electronic components and accessories, office machines and computers, communications equipment, motor vehicles and equipment, pharmaceuticals, aircraft and parts.
Famous people Aaron Burr, Grover Cleveland, James Fenimore Cooper, George Gershwin, Alexander Hamilton, Fiorello La Guardia, Washington Irving, Henry James, Herman Melville, Arthur Miller, Nelson Rockefeller, Franklin D Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Peter Stuyvesant, Walt Whitman.
History explored by the Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazano for France 152explored by Samuel de Champlain for France and Henry Hudson for the Netherlands 160colonized by the Dutch from 161first permanent settlement at Albany (Fort Orange) 162Manhattan Island purchased by Peter Minuit 162New Amsterdam annexed by the English 166The first constitution was adopted 177when New York became one of the original states.
The Battle of Saratoga 177following which British troops surrendered, is considered the turning point of the American Revolution. By 18New York was the most populous of the states, a rank it maintained until the 1960s. The Erie Canal, completed 182fostered commerce by providing a link between the Atlantic and the Great Lakes. After the Civil War, New York was transformed from a chiefly agricultural state to an industrial giant. By 197however, the state was suffering economic decline, particularly in manufacturing. But it remains an important industrial state, and in New York City it contains the commercial, financial (Wall Street), and cultural capital of the country.
(city)Largest city in the us, industrial port (printing, publishing, clothing), cultural, financial, and commercial center, in S New York State, at the junction of the Hudson and East rivers and including New York Bay. It comprises the boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island; white 43.2%, black 25.2%, Hispanic 24.4%. New York is also known as the Big Apple.
New York is the nation's corporate, financial, and media center. Real estate is one of its biggest businesses. It remains an important manufacturing center, although a declining one. It is the nation's center for book and magazine publishing and the visual and performing arts. It also ranks first among us cities in wholesale and retail trade. The two major airports are Kennedy International and La Guardia. The Port of New York is the nation's second-busiest harbor, although most active piers and harbors are now in New Jersey and Brooklyn. Tourism, conventions, and educational institutions are also important to the city's economy.
The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island (called Bedloe's Island until 195in the inner harbor of New York Bay. Skyscrapers include the twin towers of the World Trade Center (1,3ft/4m) and the art deco Empire State Building (1,2ft/3m) and Chrysler building. St Patrick's Cathedral is 19th-century Gothic. Notable art museums include the Frick Collection, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (with a medieval department, the Cloisters) , the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright), the Whitney, and the Morgan Library. Columbia University 17is the best known of a number of institutions of higher education. Other features include Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the United Nations complex, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Broadway theater district, the New York Stock Exchange, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, and South Street Seaport.
The Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazano (?1485–?152reached New York Bay 152and Henry Hudson explored it 160The Dutch established a settlement on Manhattan 162named New Amsterdam, and on Governor's Island in New York Bay; they also settled in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island by the 1640s; all this was captured by the English in 16and renamed New York. During the American Revolution, British troops occupied New York 1776–8After the Revolution, New York was the capital of the us 1785–8In the early 19th century, it passed Philadelphia to become the nation's largest city, and for the next 1years it swelled with immigrants. In 18the five boroughs joined together to form the City of Greater New York. In the 196New York began declining in population, and its economy suffered because of high taxation (which led businesses to move to tax-free, nearby localities) and the departure of the middle class. The largest power failure in history took place 9 Nov 196blacking out all New Yo.
Rk City as well as parts of other states and parts of Canada. In the 197a severe municipal financial crisis threatened, but in the 198the economy recovered, based on gains in service employment (particularly in financial services), office construction, and the cooperative real-estate market. From the late 1980s, the city's economy was once again threatened.

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