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New Deal

/ nuː ˈdiːl /


1. The economic policy of F. D. Roosevelt.
2. The historic period (1933-1940) in the U.S. during which President Franklin Roosevelt's economic policies were implemented.
In US history, the program introduced by President F D Roosevelt 1933 to counter the Depression of 1929, including employment on public works, farm loans at low rates, and social reforms such as old-age and unemployment insurance, prevention of child labor, protection of employees against unfair practices by employers, and loans to local authorities for slum clearance. In the first 100 days of Roosevelt's administration, he introduced and pushed through Congress hundreds of programs and economic initiatives. Critics from the right called his approach too socialistic, and the role of the federal government in the nation's economic life was strengthened to include policies that remain today. Some of his programs' provisions were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court 1935–36, and full employment was not established until the military-industrial needs of World War II.
The Public Works Administration (PWA) was given $3.3 billion to spend on roads, public buildings, and similar developments (the Tennessee Valley Authority was a separate project). The Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) raised agricultural prices by restriction of output. In 1935 Harry L Hopkins was put in charge of a new agency, the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which, in addition to taking over the public works, created something of a cultural revolution with its federal theater, writers', and arts projects. When the WPA was disbanded in 1943 it had found employment for 8.5 million persons. The New Deal encouraged the growth of labor-union membership, brought previously unregulated areas of the US economy under federal control, and revitalized cultural life and community spirit. Although it did not succeed in restoring full prosperity, it did bring hope and political stability.

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Novo poslovanje; program socijalnih i privrednih reformi što ih je sprovodila vlada SAD pod predsedništvom Frenklina Ruzvelta, počev od 1932. godine, tj. od godine kada započinje izlazak iz velike ekonomske krize (počela 1929). (eng.)

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