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Microsoft [ imenica {N/A} ]
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US software corporation, now the world's largest supplier. Microsoft's first major product was MS-DOS, written for IBM, but it has increased its hold on the personal computer market with the release of Windows and related applications.
Together with Intel, the company supplied operating systems and computer chips for almost 8of the world's personal computers 199while 7carried Microsoft's own MS-DOS operating system. This virtual monopoly was challenged Nov 199when its main competitors, IBM, Apple, and Motorola, announced a joint venture to develop a universal PC model.
A US federal probe into charges that Microsoft was engaging in anticompetitive behavior was carried out 1990–9from which date the US Justice Department launched its own investigations.

Majkrosoft [ muški rod {N/A} ]

Velika softverska kompanija koja se nalazi u Redmondu, Vašington (izvan Sijetla) i proizvodi Vindovs i niz najbolje prodavanih aplikativnih programa za PC i Mekintoš računare.

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