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Ivory Coast [ imenica {geologija} ]
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(French Côte d’Ivoire) Country in W Africa, bounded N by Mali and Burkina Faso, E by Ghana, S by the Gulf of Guinea, and W by Liberia and Guinea.
The 19constitution, amended 197197198198199and 199provides for a president who is head of both state and government, elected by universal suffrage for a five-year term, and a single-chamber national assembly of 1members, also popularly elected and serving a five-year term. The president chooses and heads a council of ministers. Until 199the only political party was the Democratic Party of the Ivory Coast (PDCI), but a multiparty system now operates. A 19constitutional amendment required all future presidential candidates to be Ivorian by birth of Ivorian parents.
The area now known as the Ivory Coast/Côte d'Ivoire was once made up of several indigenous kingdoms. From the 16th century the Portuguese, French, and British established trading centers along the coast, dealing in slaves and ivory. During the 19th century France acquired the region by means of treaties with local leaders, eventually incorporating it into French West Africa 1904.
It was given self-government within the French Community 19and full independence 196when a new constitution was adopted. Félix Houphouët-Boigny, who was the country's first president, maintained close links with France, and this support, combined with a good economic growth rate, gave his country a high degree of political stability. He was criticized by some other African leaders for maintaining links with South Africa but defended this policy by arguing that a dialogue between blacks and whites was essential. He denounced communist intervention in African affairs and traveled extensively to improve relations with Western powers.
Houphouët-Boigny and the PDCI were reelected in the first multiparty elections Nov 199amid widespread allegations of ballot rigging and political pressurizing. Houphouët-Boigny died Dec 19and was succeeded by parliamentary speaker Henri Konan Bedie. Kablan Daniel Duncan was appointed prime minister.

Obala Slonovače [ ženski rod {geologija} ]

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