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(Circa 460-377 BC) Medical practitioner who is regarded as the father of medicine; author of the Hippocratic Oath.
(c. 460-c. 377 BC) Greek physician, often called the founder of medicine. Important Hippocratic ideas include cleanliness (for patients and physicians), moderation in eating and drinking, letting nature take its course, and living where the air is good. He believed that health was the result of the “humors” of the body being in balance; imbalance caused disease. These ideas were later adopted by Galen.
He is known to have discovered aspirin in willow bark. The Corpus Hippocraticum/Hippocratic Collection, a group of some 70 works, is attributed to him but was probably not written by him, although the works outline his approach to medicine. They include Aphorisms and the Hippocratic Oath, which embodies the essence of medical ethics.
Hippocrates was born and practiced on the island of Kos, where he founded a medical school. He traveled throughout Greece and Asia Minor, and died in Larisa, Thessaly.

1. Hipokrat

muški rodlično ime

Grčki lekar (živeo od 460 do 377 p.n.e). Smatra se osnivačem medicine. Otkrio je aspirin iz kore vrbe.
Hipokratova zakletva pretstavlja suštinu doktorske etike.

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