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Falkland Islands


A group of over 100 islands in the south Atlantic off the coast of Argentina; a British crown colony.
(Argentine Islas Malvinas) British crown colony in the S Atlantic, 300 miles E of the Straits of Magellan.
area 12,173 sq km/4,700 sq mi, made up of two main islands: East Falkland 6,760 sq km/2,610 sq mi, and West Falkland 5,413 sq km/2,090 sq mi
capital Stanley; new port facilities opened 1984, Mount Pleasant airport 1985
features in addition to the two main islands, there are about 200 small islands, all with wild scenery and rich bird life; Mount Usborne (705 m/2,312 ft); moorland
industries wool, alginates (used as dyes and as a food additive) from seaweed beds, fishing (especially squid)

A governor (David Tatham from 1992) is advised by an executive council, and a mainly elected legislative council. Administered with the Falklands, but separate dependencies of the UK, are South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands; see also British Antarctic Territory.
The first European to visit the islands was Englishman John Davis 1592, and at the end of the 17th century they were named for Lord Falkland, treasurer of the British navy. West Falkland was settled by the French 1764. The first British settlers arrived 1765; Spain bought out a French settlement 1766, and the British were ejected 1770–71, but British sovereignty was never ceded, and from 1833, when a few Argentines were expelled, British settlement was continuous.
Argentina asserts its succession to the Spanish claim to the “Islas Malvinas”, but the inhabitants oppose cession. Occupied by Argentina April 1982, the islands were recaptured by British military forces in May–June of the same year. In April 1990 Argentina’s congress declared the Falkland Islands and other British-held South Atlantic islands part of the new Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego.

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