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Berlin Wall


Dividing barrier between East and West Berlin 1961–89, erected by East Germany to prevent East Germans from leaving for West Germany. Escapers were shot on sight.
From 13 Aug 1961, the East German security forces sealed off all but 12 of the 80 crossing points to West Berlin with a barbed wire barrier. It was reinforced with concrete by the Russians to prevent the escape of unwilling inhabitants of East Berlin to the rival political and economic system of West Berlin. The interconnecting link between East and West Berlin was Checkpoint Charlie, where both sides exchanged captured spies. On 9 Nov 1989 the East German government opened its borders to try to halt the mass exodus of its citizens to the West via other Eastern bloc countries, and the wall was gradually dismantled, with portions of it sold off as souvenirs.

1. Berlinski zid

muški rod

Izgrađen je 1961. godine, njime je Berlin podeljen na dva dela. Građani Zapadnog Berlina više nisu smeli da prelaze u istočni Berlin. Duž zida je uspostavljena pogranična zona koja je bila pod strogim nadzorom. Na one koji su pokušavali da iz istočnog prebegnu u zapadni Berlin otvarana je vatra.

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