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Bergman Bergman

ženski rod

(1917-1982) Swedish-born actress. She went to the US 1939 to appear in David Selznick’s Intermezzo 1939 and later appeared in Casablanca 1942, For Whom the Bell Tolls 1943, and Gaslight 1944, for which she won an Academy Award. She projected a combination of radiance, refined beauty, and fortitude.
By leaving her husband to have a child with director Roberto Rossellini, she broke an unofficial moral code of Hollywood star behavior and was ostracized for many years. During her “exile”, she made films in Europe such as Stromboli 1949 (directed by Rossellini). Returning to the US, she made such films as Anastasia 1956, for which she won an Academy Award, and Murder on the Orient Express 1974, for which she won her third Academy Award.
Her last film, Autumn Sonata 1978, was made by Ingmar Bergman. She also did stage plays and received an Emmy for the television film A Woman Called Golda 1982, portraying the Israeli prime minister.

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Švedska glumica.

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