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back up [ glagol ]
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To move backwards from a certain position; SYN. back off, back down.
When you are explaining something, and you repeat something that you already said, you back up.

bodriti [ glagol ]

podržati [ glagol ]

potpomoći [ glagol ]

potvrditi [ glagol ]

voziti unazad [ glagol ]

back up [ glagol {računari} ]
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The ability of an expert system to try alternative solutions in an attempt to find an answer. The various alternatives can be viewed as branches on a tree: in backtracking, the program follows one branch and, if it reaches the end without finding what it seeks, backs up and tries another branch.
To make a copy of (a computer file) esp. for storage in another place as a security cop

kopirati za rezervu [ glagol ]

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