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along [ prilog ]
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ETYM Old Eng. along, anlong, AS. andlang, along.
In accompaniment or as a companion.
In addition (usually followed by 'with').
In line with a length or direction (often followed by 'by' or 'beside').
To a more advanced state.
With a forward motion; SYN. on.

dalje [ prilog ]

duž [ prilog ]

pored [ prilog ]

s kraja na kraj [ prilog ]

uz [ prilog ]

uz bok broda [ prilog ]

uzduž [ prilog ]

zajedno [ prilog ]

along [ predlog ]
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In a line matching the length or direction of ; also; at a point or points on
In the course of
In accordance with; in

napred [ predlog ]

preko [ predlog ]

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