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alpaca [ imenica {životinja} ]
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ETYM Spanish alpaca, from the original Peruvian name of the animal. Related to Paco.
A thin glossy fabric made of the wool of the alpaca, or a rayon or cotton imitation.
Domesticated llama with long silky fleece; believed to be a domesticated variety of the guanaco; SYN. Lama pacos.
Wool of the alpaca.
Fine wool made from alpaca hair.
Domesticated South American hoofed mammal Lama pacos of the camel family, found in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, and herded at high elevations in the Andes. It is bred mainly for its long, fine, silky wool, and stands about 1 m/3 ft tall at the shoulder with neck and head another cm/2 ft.
The alpaca is also used for food at the end of its fleece-producing years. Like the llama, it was probably bred from the wild guanaco and is a close relative of the vicuna.

alpaka [ ženski rod {životinja} ]

Vrsta peruanske lame, veoma cenjene po svojoj odličnoj vuni;
Kordiljerska tkanina od alpakine vune;
(chem.) Galvanski posrebrena slitina, novo srebro.

peruanska lama [ ženski rod {životinja} ]

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