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ETYM Old Eng. strete, as. straet, from Latin strata (sc. via) a paved way, properly fem. p. p. of sternere, stratum, to spread; akin to Eng. strew. Related to Strew, Stratum, Stray.
1. A thoroughfare (usually including sidewalks) that is lined with buildings.
2. The part of a thoroughfare between the sidewalks; the part of the thoroughfare on which vehicles travel.
3. People living or working on the same street.
4. The streets of a city viewed as a depressed environment in which there is poverty and crime and prostitution and dereliction.
5. (Informal) A situation offering opportunities.

1. chaussée

ženski rod

1. Voie.
2. Rue.
3. Route.

2. route

ženski rod

1. Chemin. Une route large.
2. Itinéraire. La route des vacances.
3. Distance. Une route de cinq cent kilomètres.

3. rue

ženski rod

(Botanique) Plante ligneuse, d'une odeur très forte dont les feuilles ont un goűt âcre et amer et ŕ laquelle on attribue diverses propriétés médicinales.

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