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/ paɪn /


1. A coniferous tree; SYN. pine tree, true pine.
2. Straight-grained durable and often resinous white to yellowish timber of any of numerous trees of the genus Pinus.
Any coniferous tree of the genus Pinus, family Pinaceae. There are 70–100 species, of which about 35 are native to North America. These are generally divided into two groupings: the soft pines and the hard pines. The former have needles in bundles of five and stalked cones without prickles; for example, eastern white pine p. strobus. Hard pines usually have needles in bundles of two or three and prickly cones; for example, jack pine p. banksiana. The oldest living species is probably the bristlecone pine p. aristata, native to California, of which some specimens are said to be 4,600 years old.
A previously unknown pine was discovered at the bottom of a deep gorge 1994, 200 km outside Sydney, Australia. It is about 40 km in height and has been given the popular name Wollemi. Only 40 trees were found. Botanists believe it may date back to prehistoric times, and belongs to a new genus of the Araucariaceae family.


pine tree · true pine

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1. Grand conifère dont il existe plusieurs espèces et qui a des feuilles longues, menues et pointues appelées épines.
2. Pin parasol, pin sylvestre, pin des Landes produisent tous des pommes de pin.


abiétacée · pinasse

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