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Sinonimi: varlet | pageboy

1. Especially one side of a leaf of paper.
2. In medieval times a youth acting as a knight's attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood; SYN. varlet.
3. A youthful attendant at official functions or ceremonies such as legislative functions and weddings.
4. A boy who is employed to run errands; SYN. pageboy.

1. feuille

ženski rod

1. Feuillage. Feuille de chęne.
2. Page. Feuille blanche.
3. Pellicule. Feuille d'or.

2. page

ženski rod

1. Feuille. Un texte de trois pages.
2. Passage. Les pages choisies d'un auteur.

3. page

muški rod

Écuyer. moyen âge

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