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Sinonimi: graphical record

Pictorial representation of numerical data, such as statistical data, or a method of showing the mathematical relationship between two or more variables by drawing a diagram.
There are often two axes, or reference lines, at right angles intersecting at the origin—the zero point, from which values of the variables (for example, distance and time for a moving object) are assigned along the axes. Pairs of simultaneous values (the distance moved after a particular time) are plotted as points in the area between the axes, and the points then joined by a smooth curve to produce a graph.
A drawing illustrating the relations between certain quantities plotted with reference to a set of axes; SYN. graphical record.

1. courbe

ženski rod

1. Ligne courbe.
2. Virage. Courbe de la route.
3. Graphique. Courbe de l'inflation.

2. graphe

muški rod

(Mathématiques) Ensemble des couples d'éléments liés par une relation donnée.

3. graphie

ženski rod


4. graphique

muški rod

1. Représentation graphique.
2. Tracé.
3. Courbe.

5. table

ženski rod

1. Meuble ŕ plateau horizontal. Table de cuisine.
2. Bureau. Table de travail.
3. Plateau. Table traçante.
4. Tableau. Table des marées.
5. Sommaire. Table des matières.
6. (Au figuré) Nourriture. Une table abondante.

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