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ETYM Cf. French existence.
1. The state of existing; being.
2. Life; the duration of life.
In philosophy, what is common to everything that there is. Like being, existence is a fundamental notion in metaphysics generally. Existence can be contrasted with being, as in some types of existentialism; or it can be contrasted with essence, as in the work of Thomas Aquinas.
In medieval and rationalist metaphysics, existence is perfection. The ontological argument —God is perfect; existence is a perfection; therefore, God exists necessarily—turns on whether existence can be a predicate or property, which German philosopher Immanuel Kant denied.

1. existence

ženski rod

1. Vie.
2. Durée.

2. vie

ženski rod

1. Existence. Donner la vie.
2. Vitalité. Il est plein de vie.
3. Activité. La vie nocturne.
4. Condition. Une vie de travail.
5. Moyens d'existence. Il gagne sa vie.
6. Biographie. Une vie de Balzac.

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