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come in

/ ˈkəm ɪn /


1. To arrive on a scene; to become available
2. To place among those finishing
3. To function in an indicated manner; of a telecommunications signal; To be received
4. To assume a role or function
5. To attain maturity, fruitfulness, or production
6. To come into fashion; become fashionable.
7. When people or things enter a place, room, house, and so on that you are in, they come in or come into it. Go out is the opposite of come in.
8. When a train, bus, airplane, or ship comes in, it arrives. Get in is similar to come in.
9. When people arrive at the place where they work, they come in. Get in is similar to come in.
10. When something that a store will sell comes in, it is delivered to the store.
11. When a thing or skill comes in handy, it is something useful that you like to have available when you need it.

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srpski · nemački




1. (Intrans.) Pénétrer.
2. (Intrans.) S'introduire. Entrer sans bruit.
3. (Intrans.) S'engager.
4. (Intrans.) Adhérer. Entrer dans un parti.
5. (Intrans.) Faire partie de. Il entre dans cette recette.

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