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Sinonimi: baud rate

(Homonym: bawd).
(Computer science) A data transmission rate (bits/second) for modems; SYN. baud rate.
In common usage the baud rate of a modem is how many bitsit can send or receive per second. Technically, baud is the number of times per second that the carrier signal shifts value - for example a 1200 bit-per-second modem actually runs at 300 baud, but it moves 4 bits per baud (4 x 300= 1200 bits per second).
unit of data transmission speed of one bit per second.
unit of electrical signaling speed equal to one pulse per second.
In computing, unit that measures the speed of data transmission. One baud represents a transmission rate of one bit per second.
One signal change per second, a measure of data transmission speed. Named after the French engineer and telegrapher Jean-Maurice-Emile Baudot and originally used to measure the transmission speed of telegraph equipment, the term now most commonly refers to the data transmission speed of a modem. See also baud rate.

1. baud

muški rod

Unité de vitesse de transmission.

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