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imenicasleng, dijalekt



ženski rod
Barbie | englesko - srpski rečnik


muški rodlično ime

(1913-1991) German Nazi, a member of the SS from 1936. During World War II he was involved in the deportation of Jews from the occupied Netherlands 1940–42 and in tracking down Jews and Resistance workers in France 1942–45. He was arrested 1983 and convicted of crimes against humanity in France 1987.
His work as SS commander, based in Lyon, included the rounding-up of Jewish children from an orphanage at Izieu and the torture of the Resistance leader Jean Moulin. His ruthlessness during this time earned him the epithet “Butcher of Lyon”. Having escaped capture 1945, Barbie was employed by the US intelligence services in Germany before moving to Bolivia 1951. Expelled from there in 1983, he was returned to France, where he was tried by a court in Lyon. He died in prison.

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