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Islands W Atlantic ESE of Cape Hatteras; a self-governing British colony capital Hamilton area 20 square miles (52 square kilometers),
A group of islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast; British colony; a popular resort; Also called: Bermudas.
British colony in the NW Atlantic Ocean
area 54 sq km/21 sq mi
capital and chief port Hamilton
features consists of about 150
small islands, of which 20 are inhabited, linked by bridges and causeways; Britain’s oldest colony
industries Easter lilies, pharmaceuticals; tourism and banking are important
currency Bermuda dollar

language English
religion Christian
government under the constitution of 1968, Bermuda is a fully self-governing British colony, with a governor (Lord Waddington from 1992), senate, and elected House of Assembly (premier from 1982 John Swan, United Bermuda Party)
history the islands were named for Juan de Bermudez, who visited them 1515, and were settled by British colonists 1609. Indian and African slaves were transported from 1616 and soon outnumbered the white settlers. Racial violence 1977 led to intervention, at the request of the government, by British troops.

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