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barn prevod | englesko - francuski rečnik

barn | englesko - francuski rečnik


IPA: / bɑːrn /

Množina: barns


ETYM Old Eng. bern, AS. berern, bern; bere barley + ern, aern, a close place. Related to Barley.
1. An outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals.
2. (Physics) A unit of nuclear cross section.
Unit of cross-sectional area of atom or atomic nucleus.
Farm building traditionally used for the storage and processing of cereal crops and hay. On older farmsteads, the barn is usually the largest building. It is often characterized by ventilation openings rather than windows and has at least one set of big double doors for access. Before mechanization, wheat was threshed by hand on a specially prepared floor inside these doors.
Tithe barns were used in feudal England to store the produce paid as a tax to the parish priest by the local occupants of the land. In the Middle Ages, monasteries often controlled the collection of tithes over a wide area and, as a result, constructed some enormous tithe barns.

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ženski rod
IPA: / ɡʁˈɑ̃ʒ /


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abri · chalet · fenil · gerbier · grenier · hangar · magasin · remise · resserre · étableprikaži više
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ženski rod, medicina
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