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1. trefoil


ETYM Latin tres three + Eng. foil leaf; cf. French frčfle, Italian trifoglio, Latin trifolium. Related to Tri-, Foil leaf, and cf. Trifoly.
An architectural ornament in the form of three arcs arranged in a circle.
Three-lobed architectural ornament.
Clover, or other plants with leaf divided into three lobes; architectural ornament of that shape.
Any of several clover plants of the genus Trifolium of the pea family Leguminosae, the leaves of which are divided into three leaflets. The name is also used for other plants with leaves divided into three lobes.
Bird’s-foot trefoil Lotus corniculatus, also of the pea family, is a low-growing perennial found in grassy places throughout Europe, N Asia, parts of Africa, and Australia. It has five leaflets to each leaf, but the first two are bent back so it appears to have only three. The yellow flowers, often tinged orange or red, are borne in heads with only a few blooms. Hop trefoil Trifolium campestre has leaves with only three leaflets and tight-packed round heads of yellow flowers about 1.5 cm/0.6 in across. It also grows in grassy places throughout Europe, W Asia, N Africa, and North America. In Australia, Austral trefoil Lotus australis is a widespread native with pink or white flowers. It is suspected of being poisonous.

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