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1. time


1. Of or relating to time; recording time
2. Timed to ignite or explode at a specific moment
3. Payable on a specified future day or a certain length of time after presentation for acceptance; based on installment payments

time | engleski leksikon

2. time


Sinonimi: clip

ETYM Old Eng. time, as. tîma, akin to tîd time, and to Icel. tîmi, Dan. time an hour, Swed. timme. Related to Tide.
Continuous passage of existence, recorded by division into hours, minutes, and seconds. Formerly the measurement of time was based on the Earth's rotation on its axis, but this was found to be irregular. Therefore the second, the standard si unit of time, was redefined 1956 in terms of the Earth's annual orbit of the Sun, and 1967 in terms of a radiation pattern of the element cesium.
Universal time (ut), based on the Earth's actual rotation, was replaced by coordinated universal time (utc) 1972, the difference between the two involving the addition (or subtraction) of leap seconds on the last day of June or Dec. National observatories make standard time available in various countries. From 1986 the term Greenwich Mean Time was replaced by utc. However, the Greenwich meridian, adopted 1884, remains that from which all longitudes are measured, and the world's standard time zones are calculated from it.
(Homonym: thyme).
1. The continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past.
2. An indefinite period (usually marked by specific attributes or activities).
3. An instance or single occasion for some event; SYN. clip.
4. A suitable moment.
5. A person's experience on a particular occasion; or.
6. A duration considered as a resource under one's control and sufficient to accomplish something.

Time | engleski leksikon

3. Time


Village in Illinois (USA).

time | engleski leksikon

4. time


In music, an alternative word for meter or tempo.

time | engleski leksikon

5. time


1. To assign a time for an activity or event.
2. To regulate or set the time of, as of a clock or watch.
3. To set the speed, duration, or execution of.
4. To measure the time of something

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