there | engleski leksikon

1. there


1 — used for emphasis especially after a demonstrative pronoun or a noun modified by a demonstrative adjective
2. Nonstandard — used for emphasis after a demonstrative adjective but before the noun modified
3. Capable of being relied on for support or aid
4. Fully conscious, rational, or aware

there | engleski leksikon

2. there


Sinonimi: at that place | in that location | in that respect | on that point | thither

ETYM Old Eng. ther, as. thaer; akin to Dutch daar, German da, Old High Germ. dâr, Swed. and Dan. der, Icel. and Goth. thar, Skr. tarhi then, and Eng. that. Related to That.
(Homonym: their, they're).
1. In or at that place; SYN. at that place, in that location.
2. In that matter; SYN. in that respect, on that point.
3. To or toward that place; away from the speaker; SYN. thither.

there | engleski leksikon

3. there


1. That place or position
2. That point
3. A location other than here; that place

there | engleski leksikon

4. there


1 — used as a function word to introduce a sentence or clause
2 — used as an indefinite substitute for a name

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