tender | engleski leksikon

1. tender


Sinonimi: untoughened | vulnerable

1. Physically untoughened; SYN. untoughened.
2. Susceptible to physical or emotional injury; SYN. vulnerable.
3. Given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality
4. Easy to cut or chew
5. (Of plants) Not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition

tender | engleski leksikon

2. tender


A car attached to a locomotive to carry fuel and water.

tender | engleski leksikon

3. tender


Sinonimi: legal tender | ship's boat | pinnace | supply ship

1. Something used as an official medium of payment; SYN. legal tender.
2. A boat for communication between ship and shore; SYN. ship's boat, pinnace.
3. A ship which usually provides supplies to other ships; SYN. supply ship.

tender | engleski leksikon

4. tender


Sinonimi: tenderize

1. To offer or present for acceptance.
2. To make tender or more tender; SYN. tenderize.
3. To make a tender of; in legal settlements.

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