stomach | engleski leksikon

1. stomach


Sinonimi: tummy | tum | breadbasket

ETYM Old Eng. stomak, French estomac, Latin stomachus, from Greek stomachos stomach, throat, gullet, from stoma a mouth, any outlet or entrance.
The first cavity in the digestive system of animals. In mammals it is a bag of muscle situated just below the diaphragm. Food enters it from the esophagus, is digested by the acid and enzymes secreted by the stomach lining, and then passes into the duodenum. Some plant-eating mammals have multichambered stomachs that harbor bacteria in one of the chambers to assist in the digestion of cellulose.
The gizzard is part of the stomach in birds.
An enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion; SYN. tummy, tum, breadbasket.

stomach | engleski leksikon

2. stomach


(Irregular plural: stomaches).
An appetite for food.

stomach | engleski leksikon

3. stomach


To bear to eat

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