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1. spring


Sinonimi: springtime

Occurring in or appropriate to the season of spring; SYN. springtime.

Spring | engleski leksikon

2. Spring

muški rodlično ime

(“Dick”) (1950-) Irish Labour Party leader from 1982. He entered into coalition with Garret FitzGerald's Fine Gael 1982 as deputy prime minister (with the posts of minister for the environment 1982–83 and minister for energy 1983–87). In 1993 he became deputy prime minister to Albert Reynolds in a Fianna Fáil–Labour Party coalition, with the post of minister for foreign affairs. He withdrew from the coalition Nov 1994 in protest over a judicial appointment made by Reynolds, and the following month formed a new coalition with Fine Gael.

spring | engleski leksikon

3. spring


ETYM as. spring a fountain, a leap. Related to Spring.
1. In geology, a natural flow of water from the ground, formed at the point of intersection of the water table and the ground's surface. The source of water is rain that has percolated through the overlying rocks. During its underground passage, the water may have dissolved mineral substances that may then be precipitated at the spring (hence, a mineral spring). A spring may be continuous or intermittent, and depends on the position of the water table and the topography (surface features).
2. A natural flow of ground water; SYN. fountain, outflow, outpouring, natural spring.
3. A point at which water issues forth.
4. The season of growth; SYN. springtime.

Spring | engleski leksikon

4. Spring


Unincorporated community in Texas (USA).

spring | engleski leksikon

5. spring


1. A metal device that returns to its shape or position when pushed or pulled or pressed.
2. Device, usually a metal coil, that returns to its original shape after being stretched or compressed. Springs are used in some machines (such as clocks) to store energy, which can be released at a controlled rate. In other machines (such as engines) they are used to close valves.
3. In vehicle-suspension systems, springs are used to cushion passengers from road shocks. These springs are used in conjunction with shock absorbers to limit their amount of travel. In bedding and upholstered furniture springs add comfort.

spring | engleski leksikon

6. spring


(Irregular preterit, past participle: sprang; or p.p.: sprung).
1. To develop suddenly.
2. To leap suddenly.
3. To produce or disclose suddenly or unexpectedly.

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