soft | engleski leksikon

1. soft


1. Lacking in hardness relatively or comparatively.
2. Metaphorically soft
3. Of sound; relatively low in volume
4. Of speech sounds; characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as 's' and 'sh').

soft | engleski leksikon

2. soft


1. In computing, temporary or changeable. For example, a soft error is a problem from which the system can recover, and a soft patch is a temporary program fix that holds only while the program is running. Compare hard (definition 1).
2. In electronics, characterized by magnetic materials that do not retain their magnetism when a magnetic field is removed. Compare hard (definition 2).

soft | engleski leksikon

3. soft


In a soft or gentle manner; softly

soft | engleski leksikon

4. soft


A soft object, material, or part

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