slump | engleski leksikon

1. slump


A noticeable decline in performance:; SYN. slack, drop-off, falloff, falling off.
In the business or business cycle, the period of time when the economy is in depression, unemployment is very high, and national income is well below its full employment level. In the uk, the economy experienced a slump in the 1930s (the Great Depression), in 1980–81, and 1990–92.

slump | engleski leksikon

2. slump


Sinonimi: slouch | fall off | sink | slide down | sink

1. To assume a drooping posture or carriage; SYN. slouch.
2. To fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly; SYN. fall off, sink.
3. To fall or sink heavily; SYN. slide down, sink.

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