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1. silicon chip


An integrated circuit that uses silicon as its semiconductor material.
Integrated circuit with microscopically small electrical components on a piece of silicon crystal only a few millimeters square.
One may contain more than a million components. A chip is mounted in a rectangular plastic package and linked via gold wires to metal pins, so that it can be connected to a printed circuit board for use in electronic devices, such as computers, calculators, television sets, automobile dashboards, and domestic appliances.
In 1991 IBM launched the world's fastest high-capacity memory computer chip. SRAM (static random-access memory) can send or receive 8 billion bits of information per second.
It “reads” and “writes” data to its circuits at the same time, instead of in separate processes as other chips do.
Another name for an integrated circuit, a complete electronic circuit on a slice of silicon (or other semiconductor) crystal only a few millimeters square.

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