scratch | engleski leksikon

1. scratch


1. Happening by chance or in a haphazard way
2. (Said of paper) Extra; partially used, but still serviceable

scratch | engleski leksikon

2. scratch


Sinonimi: scrape | scar | mark

1. An indication of damage; SYN. scrape, scar, mark.
2. The sound made by scratching
3. The starting line in a race
4. A test of courage; satisfactory condition, level, or performance
5. A contestant whose name is withdrawn
6. Poultry feed (as mixed grains) scattered on the litter or ground especially to induce birds to exercise — called also scratch feed
7. A shot in billiards or pool that ends a player's turn; specifically; a shot in pool in which the cue ball falls into the pocket; a shot that scores by chance; fluke

scratch | engleski leksikon

3. scratch


A memory region or file used by a program or operating system to hold work in progress temporarily. Created and maintained usually without the end user’s knowledge, the scratch is needed only until the current session is terminated, at which time the data is saved or discarded. Also called: scratch file. See also temporary file. Compare scrap.

scratch | engleski leksikon

4. scratch


Sinonimi: scrape | scratch up

1. To scrape or dig with the claws or nails
2. To rub and tear or mark the surface of with something sharp or jagged
3. To scrape or rub lightly (as to relieve itching); to act on (a desire) — used with itch
4. To scrape together; collect with difficulty or by effort
5. To write or draw on a surface
6. To cancel or erase by or as if by drawing a line through; to withdraw (an entry) from competition
7. Scribble, scrawl
8. To scrape along a rough surface
9. To use the claws or nails in digging, tearing, or wounding
10. To scrape or rub oneself lightly (as to relieve itching)
11. To gather money or make a living by hard work and especially through irregular means and sacrifice
12. To make a thin grating sound; to produce a rhythmic scratching sound by moving a phonograph record back and forth under a phonograph needle
13. To withdraw from a contest or engagement
14. To make a scratch in billiards or pool
15. To cut the surface of; wear away the surface of; SYN. scrape, scratch up.

scratch | engleski leksikon

5. scratch


To erase or discard data.

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