salvage | engleski leksikon

1. salvage


ETYM French salvage, Old Fren. salver to save, French sauver, from Latin salvare. Related to Save.
Saving or rescue, either as a whole or in part, of any property threatened with destruction, especially at sea. The term is used more specifically for compensation payable to those who, by voluntary effort, have saved a ship and/or its cargo and passengers from complete loss through shipwreck, fire, or enemy action.
The act of rescuing a ship or its crew or its cargo from a shipwreck or a fire.

salvage | engleski leksikon

2. salvage


Sinonimi: scavenge | salve | relieve | save

1. To collect discarded or refused material; SYN. scavenge.
2. To save from ruin or destruction; SYN. salve, relieve, save.

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