riding | engleski leksikon

1. riding


1. Used for or when riding
2. Operated by a rider

Riding | engleski leksikon

2. Riding

ženski rodlično ime

(Jackson) (1901-1991) US poet. She was a member of the Fugitive Group of poets that flourished in the southern US 1915–28. She went to England 1926 and worked with the writer Robert Graves. Having published her Collected Poems 1938, she wrote no more verse, but turned to linguistics in order to analyze the expression of “truth”.

riding | engleski leksikon

3. riding


Sinonimi: horseback riding | horseback riding | equitation

ETYM For thriding, Icel. thrithjungr the third part, from thrithi third, akin to Eng. third. Related to Third.
1. Riding a horse as a means of transportation; SYN. horseback riding.
2. Riding a horse as a sport; SYN. horseback riding, equitation.
3. One of the three administrative jurisdictions into which Yorkshire, England, was formerly divided.
4. An administrative jurisdiction or electoral district in a British dominion (as Canada).

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