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1. radical


Sinonimi: root | basal

ETYM French, from Latin radicalis having roots, from radix, -icis, a root. Related to Radix.
1. Arising from or going to the root; SYN. root.
2. (Botany) Especially of leaves; located at the base of a plant or stem; especially arising directly from the root or rootstock or a root-like stem; SYN. basal.
3. (Linguistics) Of or relating to or constituting a linguistic root.
Pertaining to, like, deriving from or striking at root; fundamental; extreme; Mathematics, pertaining to radix.

radical | engleski leksikon

2. radical

muški rodhemija

In chemistry, a group of atoms forming part of a molecule, which acts as a unit and takes part in chemical reactions without disintegration, yet often cannot exist alone; for example, the methyl radical –CH3, or the carboxyl radical –COOH.

radical | engleski leksikon

3. radical


Sinonimi: radical sign

In politics, anyone with opinions more extreme than the main current of a country's major political party or parties. It is more often applied to those with left-wing opinions, although the radical right also exists.1. A character conveying the lexical meaning of a logogram.
2. A person who has radical ideas or opinions.
3. A sign placed in front of an expression to denote that a root is to be extracted; SYN. radical sign.
In Britain, supporter of parliamentary reform before the Reform Bill 1832. As a group the Radicals later became the progressive wing of the Liberal Party. During the 1860s (led by Cobden, Bright, and J S Mill) they campaigned for extension of the franchise, free trade, and laissez faire, but after 1870, under the leadership of Joseph Chamberlain and Charles Dilke, they adopted a republican and semisocialist program. With the growth of socialism in the later 19th century, Radicalism ceased to exist as an organized movement.
In France, the Radical Party was a major force in the politics of the Third Republic, 1871–1940.

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