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1. primitive


ETYM Latin primitivus, from primus the first: cf. French primitif. Related to Prime.
1. (Anthropology; of societies) Preliterate or tribal or nonindustrial.
2. (Fine arts) Of or created by one without formal training; simple or naive in style.
3. (Linguistics) Serving as the basis for derived or inflected forms.
4. (Mathematics) Being an algebraic or geometric expression from which another expression is derived.

primitive | engleski leksikon

2. primitive


Sinonimi: primitive person

A person who belongs to an early stage of civilization; SYN. primitive person.

primitive | engleski leksikon

3. primitive


1. In computer graphics, a shape, such as a line, circle, curve, or polygon, that can be drawn, stored, and manipulated as a discrete entity by a graphics program. A primitive is one of the elements from which a large graphic design is created.
2. In programming, a fundamental element in a language that can be used to create larger procedures that do the work a programmer wants to do.

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