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1. Patten

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(topher Francis) (1944-) British Conservative politician, governor of Hong Kong from 1992. He was Conservative Party chair 1990–92, orchestrating the party's campaign for the 1992 general election, in which he lost his parliamentary seat. He accepted the governorship of Hong Kong for the crucial five years prior to its transfer to China. His prodemocracy, anti-Chinese stance won the backing of many Hong Kong residents, but was criticized by members of its business community.
A former director of the Conservative Party research department, he held junior ministerial posts under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, despite his reputation of being to the left of the party, and eventually joined the cabinet. As environment secretary 1989–90, he was responsible for administering the poll tax. As governor of Hong Kong, Patten's proposals for greater democracy—which resulted in the first fully democratic elections to legislative bodies 1994 —were welcomed by Hong Kong's Legislative Council but strongly opposed by the Chinese government.

patten | engleski leksikon

2. patten


Wooden shoe; clog; base of a pillar; for raising foot above wet.
A clog, sandal, or overshoe often with a wooden sole or metal device to elevate the foot and increase the wearer's height or aid in walking in mud

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