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1. packet


ETYM French paquet, dim. from Late Lat. paccus, from the same source as Eng. pack. Related to Pack.
1. A small package or bundle.
2. A number of letters dispatched at one time; a small group, cluster, or mass.
3. A passenger boat usually carrying mail and cargo.
4. (British) A pack of cigarettes.
5. The unit of data sent across a packet switching network. The term is used loosely.

packet | engleski leksikon

2. packet


1. A unit of information transmitted as a whole from one device to another on a network.
2. In packet-switching networks, a transmission unit of fixed maximum size that consists of binary digits representing both data and a header containing an identification number, source and destination addresses, and sometimes error-control data. See also packet switching.

packet | engleski leksikon

3. packet


Pack into packets.

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