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1. ORB


Acronym for object request broker. In client/server applications, an interface to which the client makes a request for an object. The ORB directs the request to the server containing the object and then returns the resulting values to the client. See also client (definition 1), CORBA.

orb | engleski leksikon

2. orb


1. A spherical body; a globe; especially, one of the heavenly bodies: a sun, planet, or star.
2. A circle; esp., a circle, or nearly circular orbit, described by the revolution of a heavenly body; an orbit.
3. A period of time marked off by the revolution of a heavenly body.
4. One of the azure transparent spheres thought by the ancients to be inclosed one within another, and to carry the heavenly bodies in their revolutions.
5. (Archaic) The eye, as luminous and spherical.
6. A sphere of action.

orb | engleski leksikon

3. orb


To form into a disk or circle

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