off | engleski leksikon

1. off


Office; officer; official

off | engleski leksikon

2. off


Sinonimi: sour | turned | cancelled | off duty | off-duty

1. Not in operation or operational
2. Below a satisfactory level
3. In an unpalatable state; SYN. sour, turned.
4. (Of events) No longer planned or scheduled; SYN. cancelled.
5. Not performing or scheduled for duties; SYN. off duty, off-duty.

off | engleski leksikon

3. off


Sinonimi: away

ETYM Old Eng. of, orig. the same word as r. of, prep., as. of, adv and prep. Related to Of.
1. At a distance in space or time; SYN. away.
2. No longer on or in contact or attached.

off | engleski leksikon

4. off


Deactivated state, closed condition (about an appliance, device, etc.)

off | engleski leksikon

5. off


1 — used as a function word to indicate physical separation or distance from a position of rest, attachment, or union; to seaward of
2. From the possession or charge of
3 — used as a function word to indicate the object of an action
4 — used as a function word to indicate the suspension of an occupation or activity; below the usual standard or level of

off | engleski leksikon

6. off


To go away; depart — used chiefly as an imperative

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