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1. line printer


Any printer that prints one line at a time as opposed to one character at a time (as with many dot-matrix printers) or one page at a time (as with some dot-matrix and most laser printers). Line printers typically produce the familiar 11-by-17-inch fanfold “computer” printouts. They are high-speed devices and are often used with mainframes, minicomputers, or networked machines rather than with single-user systems.
An output device on a computer that prints a whole line of characters at a time; SYN. line-at-a-time printer.
Computer printer that prints a complete line of characters at a time. Line printers can achieve very high printing speeds of up to 2,500 lines a minute, but can print in only one typeface, cannot print graphics, and are very noisy. Until the late 1980s they were the obvious choice for high-volume printing, but high-speed page printers, such as laser printers, are now preferred.

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