knockout | engleski leksikon

1. knockout


1. Causing a knockout
2. Sensationally striking, appealing, or attractive
3. Having all or part of a gene eliminated or inactivated by genetic engineering

knockout | engleski leksikon

2. knockout


Sinonimi: KO

A blow that renders the opponent unconscious; SYN. KO.
A hit hard enough to cause someone to lose consciousness is a knockout.

knockout | engleski leksikon

3. knockout


1. In multicolor printing, the process of removing from one image the overlapping parts of a graphic or text that are to be printed in a different color so that ink colors will not mix. See the illustration. See also spot color. Compare overprint.
2. In hardware, a section of a panel that can be removed to make space for a switch or other component.

knockout | engleski leksikon

4. knockout


A knockout is something that impresses or surprises you a lot.

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