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1. honor


Sinonimi: honour | purity | honour | honour | laurels

ETYM Old Eng. honor, honour, onour, onur, Old Fren. honor, onor, honur, onur, honour, onour, French honneur, from Latin honor, honos.
Dignity, social rank, or privilege. Originating in the cursus honorum at Rome, a standard “course of honors” through public office to the consulate, the concept of honor held a dual sense of dignity and rank in aristocratic societies.
The formal attributes of honor persisted in such phrases as “word of honor” and “man of honor” until the modern era, with duelling classed as an “affair of honor”. Military and civil distinction is reflected in the us Medal of Honor and the French Légion d’Honneur, founded by Napoleon i; an Honors List of awards for public service or achievement still exists in the uk. Honor was also used of a woman’s reputation, notably for chastity or fidelity.1. A woman's virtue or chastity; SYN. honour, purity.
2. The quality of being honorable and having a good name; SYN. honour.
3. The state of being honored; SYN. honour, laurels.

Honor | engleski leksikon

2. Honor


Village in Michigan (USA); zip code 49640.

honor | engleski leksikon

3. honor


Sinonimi: honour | honour | reward | honour | favor | favour | grace

1. To accept as pay; SYN. honour.
2. To bestow honor upon; SYN. honour, reward.
3. To confer honor on; SYN. honour, favor, favour, grace.

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