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1. help


ETYM AS. help; akin to Dutch hulp, German hülfe, hilfe, Icel. hjâlp, Swed. hjelp, Dan. hielp. Related to Help.
1. Assistance or support offered in order to aid.
2. Remedy; relief.
3. The offering of assistance.
4. A domestic servant, man or woman.

help | engleski leksikon

2. help


1. The capability of many programs and operating systems to display advice or instructions for using their features when so requested by the user, as by a screen button or a menu item or a function key. The user can access help without interrupting work in progress or leafing through a manual. Some help facilities are context-sensitive, meaning that the user receives information specific to the task or command being attempted. Also called: online help.
2. In many applications, a command that displays an explanation of another command that follows it. For instance, in many FTP programs, the command help can be followed by other commands, such as cd (change directory) or ls (list files and directories), to discover the purpose of these other commands.
3. In versions 5 and 6 of MS-DOS, the command used to request information about MS-DOS commands, command parameters, and switches.

Help | engleski leksikon

3. Help


An item on a menu bar in a graphical user interface that enables the user to access the help feature of the present application. See also graphical user interface, help (definition 1), menu bar.

help | engleski leksikon

4. help


Sinonimi: facilitate | assist | aid | aid

1. To be of use; SYN. facilitate.
2. To contribute to the furtherance of.
3. To give help or assistance; be of service; SYN. assist, aid.
4. To improve the condition of; SYN. aid.
5. To improve; change for the better.

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