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1. graph


Sinonimi: graphical record

Pictorial representation of numerical data, such as statistical data, or a method of showing the mathematical relationship between two or more variables by drawing a diagram.
There are often two axes, or reference lines, at right angles intersecting at the origin—the zero point, from which values of the variables (for example, distance and time for a moving object) are assigned along the axes. Pairs of simultaneous values (the distance moved after a particular time) are plotted as points in the area between the axes, and the points then joined by a smooth curve to produce a graph.
A drawing illustrating the relations between certain quantities plotted with reference to a set of axes; SYN. graphical record.

graph | engleski leksikon

2. graph


1. In programming, a data structure consisting of zero or more nodes and zero or more edges, which connect pairs of nodes. If any two nodes in a graph can be connected by a path along edges, the graph is said to be connected. A subgraph is a subset of the nodes and edges within a graph. A graph is directed (a digraph) if each edge links two nodes together only in one direction. A graph is weighted if each edge has some value associated with it. See also node (definition 3), tree.
2. See chart.

graph | engleski leksikon

3. graph


1. To plot upon a graph.
2. To represent by means of a graph.

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