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1. frame


Having a wood frame

Frame | engleski leksikon

2. Frame

ženski rodlično ime

Sinonimi: outline | compose | draw up | frame in | border | redact | cast | put | couch | frame up

(1924-) New Zealand novelist. After being wrongly diagnosed as schizophrenic, she reflected her experiences 1945–54 in the novel Faces in the Water 1961 and the autobiographical An Angel at My Table 1984 (filmed 1990).

frame | engleski leksikon

3. frame


1. In asynchronous serial communications, a unit of transmission that is sometimes measured in elapsed time and begins with the start bit that precedes a character and ends with the last stop bit that follows the character.
2. In synchronous communications, a package of information transmitted as a single unit. Every frame follows the same basic organization and contains control information, such as synchronizing characters, station address, and an error-checking value, as well as a variable amount of data. For example, a frame used in the widely accepted HDLC and related SDLC protocols begins and ends with a unique flag (01111110). See the illustration. See also HDLC, SDLC.
3. A single screen-sized image that can be displayed in sequence with other, slightly different, images to create animated drawings.
4. The storage required to hold one screen-sized image of text, graphics, or both.
5. A rectangular space containing, and defining the proportions of, a graphic.
6. The part of an on-screen window (title bar and other elements) that is controlled by the operating system rather than by the application running in the window.
7. A rectangular section of the page displayed by a Web browser that is a separate HTML document from the rest of the page. Web pages can have multiple frames, each of which is a separate document. Associated with each frame are the same capabilities as for an unframed Web page, including scrolling and linking to another frame or Web site; these capabilities can be used independently of other frames on the page. Frames, which were introduced in Netscape Navigator 2.0, are often used as a table of contents for one or more HTML documents on a Web site. Most current Web browsers support frames, although older ones do not. See also HTML document, Web browser.

frame | engleski leksikon

4. frame


1. To draw up the plans or basic details for; SYN. outline, compose, draw up.
2. To enclose in a frame, as of a picture.
3. To enclose in or as if in a frame; SYN. frame in, border.
4. To formulate in a particular style or language; SYN. redact, cast, put, couch.
5. To construct by fitting or uniting parts together; SYN. frame up.

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