flame | engleski leksikon

1. flame


An abusive or personally insulting e-mail message or newsgroup posting.

flame | engleski leksikon

2. flame


ETYM Old Eng. flame, flaume, flaumbe, Old Fren. flame, flambe, French flamme, from Latin flamma, from flamma, from flagrare to burn. Related to Flagrant, Flamneau, Flamingo.
1. A stream of burning vapor or gas, emitting light and heat; darting or streaming fire; a blaze; a fire.
2. Burning zeal or passion; elevated and noble enthusiasm; glowing imagination; passionate excitement or anger.
3. Ardor of affection; the passion of love.
4. A beloved person; a sweetheart.

flame | engleski leksikon

3. flame


1. To be in flames or aflame.
2. To criticize harshly, on the e-mail.
Angry electronic mail message. Users of the Internet use flames to express disapproval of breaches of netiquette. An offensive message posted to, for example, a USENET newsgroup, will cause those offended to flame the culprit. Such flames maintain a level of discipline among the Internet's users.

flame | engleski leksikon

4. flame


1. To send an abusive or personally insulting e-mail message or newsgroup posting.
2. To criticize personally by means of e-mail messages or newsgroup postings.

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